Improvisational Theater

Monday, June 3, 2013

When they say I give them courage, it gives me courage...

"Went and saw some good improv tonight at the Brody. It definitely makes me appreciate what we're being taught at PSU. I think God heard me complaining about not learning the technicality of Improv, so he sent me Domeka Parker. I now have a notebook full of advice, inspiration, games, do's and don'ts...but more importantly, I have a heart full of courage to just get out there and do work!"

This note is incredibly flattering to me.  I cannot express the amount of warm fuzzy I am rolling in.  As silly as it may sound, my life's goal is helping people to play, build their confidence,  respect improv and do it because they LOVE it. When a students says I've done that for them, lead them there or walked with them when they found it, its the most rewarding compliment in the world to me. Thanks Lacey.

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