Improvisational Theater


Class descriptions: 

  1. WE: A new workshop designed to strengthen the two person scene.

    Over the last two years I have carefully studied the two person scene. I have identified common strengths and weaknesses, traps and roadblocks. I've used this study to create some very uncommon tools toward bolstering the two person scene, finding connection, shared focus and spontaneous trust. This workshop takes the daunting task of navigating creativity and simplifies the business of finding one another, taking each other in and building a shared world together.Abstract / Physical Ensemble Storytelling: This workshop will bring a fresh perspective on the use of collaborative movement to create narrative and abstract improvisational pieces.
  2. The Solo Artist.: This workshop focuses on the improviser as an autonomous and unrestricted performer.  We will explore several formats, personal monologue, storytelling, lone actor /multiple character performance and sound and movement. Students will learn to tap into, trust and follow their impulses to create a body of work. 
  3. Acting for Improvisers: This workshop illuminates improvisation as a performance vehicle rich with authentic emotion, dynamic characters, and meaningful, sincere storytelling. We will explore the use of emotion, personal objectives, self endowment, commitment and vulnerability. We will develop an understanding of scripted scene work as a means to improve the improviser’s ability to achieve clarity and authenticity in spontaneous scene creation. 
  4. The Hive Mind: This workshop focuses on ensemble play and group mind. We will explore identifying threads in storytelling, creating links between seemingly random scene work, listening, trusting, reincorporating, and group editing.  The ensemble will grow as a cohesive body for performance, and individuals will develop the ability to quickly connect and create group mind in new situations.  
Classes and workshops taught by Domeka Parker are not limited to those listed above. Many other workshop options are available, and new workshops can be created, tailored specifically to the needs of your students, business or ensemble.

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