Improvisational Theater

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

July 20th, 2014

Ten days ago I had cancer forcibly removed from this apartment of my body. A sleazy ex boyfriend who wouldn't leave on his own. He left resentfully, went through pathology like a strung out drug addict being processed at county jail. Cancers lost hope. Sitting alone in some cold dead cell, holding onto some tiny artifact he was able to swipe from my apartment on his way out. Occasionally cancer calls collect from jail, trying to convince me we will get back together eventually. I don't have to take his calls. Cancer is much easier to ignore when he's not lounging comfortably on your couch.

Living Wabi Sabi

I am cracked in so many ways, tiny fissures, veins, rivers ripping through me. And each crevasse, cranny, chink, and chip I've filled with solid gold. I am so broken, so shattered that I light up my world. I have so often ruptured and so often repaired that I am now stronger than any never broken thing. And there is nothing just like me in the world. And there is nothing just like you.

Cancer & Comedy: A Documentary by Ben Schorr (Is any of that spelled right?)