Improvisational Theater


Solo:  Domeka Parker's One Woman show "Let Me Show You" is what happens when a dynamic improviser who is an expert in character, movement and narrative is given the reigns. Her performances exude heart and intelligence and pushes the boundaries of what improv is and can be.

Blank Slate: This high octane improvisational comedy troupe, based in Portland Oregon, USA, was founded by Domeka Parker in 2008. She is currently the ensembles artistic and managing director. Blank Slate performs regularly in and around the Portland Metro area and is well received by audiences. The group focuses on group mind, making intelligent connections at high speeds and exploring character based story telling.  "Blank Slate is the most remarkable balance of skill and fun I've ever seen!" ~Andy Cunial.

Brody Theater Ensemble: Domeka has been a grateful member of the Brody Theater ensemble since 2010, performing and directing and teaching regularly.  For the theater Domeka has created two successful formats, Anon & On & On, which received a Shakespeare Festival award and Two Houses, which received such rave reviews it was remounted shortly after it's first run.  

Brody Theater Improv Education: Domeka teaches levels 2a (Ensemble), 2b (Scene-work) and level 4 (Performance) at the Brody Theater, where she receives high accolades for her pedagogy and her skill for inspiring students.

Portland State University: Domeka is a regular visiting instructor to the Portland State University Theater Department, specializing in ensemble and long form improvisation.  She often works alongside her father, Scott Parker, teaching Theater Arts, Improvisational Acting 241 and 242.  


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