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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Say "sucka" from time to time...

Ever so often I reflect on the fact that I have NOT always been so stable; I have not always been so healthy, happy…etc. I realize, in retrospect, that all the good change in my life is, at least in part, due to simple adjustments in perception, and a few additions to my coping with life tool box. Somethings:
1. Be honest. First of all with yourself. Ask for what you really want. You either get it or you don’t, but with honesty there leaves no room for speculations that can complicate things. (Sometimes being honest also means allowing yourself to fall completely apart. This part I am still learning).
2. Be playful. Silliness does not put into question your maturity. It is the most mature, self secure people who are willing to let themselves be happy. Positive energy attracts positive energy.
3. Be kind. LOVE HARDER. Love yourself. Love others. Accept love and spread it around.
4. Life is a game and a gamble and a treasure hunt. Look for the fun, the love, the excitement and adventure. This is how you LEVEL UP.
5. Be flexible. Accept that nothing is completely definite. Everything can and will change. Be willing to change with it. Water pounding against rock causes erosion; water with water just flows. (What?)
6. Reflect often on the gifts of your life. Be grateful. This truly is an incredible life.

I list these things not to suggest you do them. Your life is your business. I list them because, if even one idea strikes your fancy I feel super great about that. So its a basically selfish endeavor. This is how I roll sucka! (7. Use the word "sucka" from time to time. It just feels right.)

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